Roman Art

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In Ancient Rome they painted mostly on wood. Much of the art consisted of the human body. They also painted animals,still life, and everyday life scenes. Some of their paintings were portraits. Most of these were of famous Romans. They painted people's portraits because they believed that having a well done picture of a person who had died kept them happy, so they would not haunt you. They stole this way of thinking from the Greeks. The ancient Roman art we see today was greatly included by all of the countries and regions they invaded and took over. The rulers of ancient Rome would also have people paint huge murals covering whole walls or roofs of their palaces.A type panting style Pompeian style was when you were painting a mural of some one.


Sculptures were many in Ancient Rome. Many of them were greatly inspired by the Greeks. Romans would have copies made of Greek statues to decorate their homes with. The sculptures and statues were of people or animals. Most of them were of naked women or leaders of the empire, soldiers and famous men in Rome. Most of the statues and sculptures were carved out of marble.The Roman people could not make a perfect sculpture. Only people that could do that was the Greeks. Roman people would most likely make the nose look longer than it was supposed to be or make a statue not perfectly symmetrical.


All of the beautiful bridges and buildings in Rome were and are seen as art by many. These beautiful buildings have and had arches and many carvings and statues adorning them. The Roman style was used to impose power. The art was to show people the power of the lands that the Roman used to rule. The Roman art usually showed images of emperors, gods, and goddesses, and ordinary people. On buildings there was a lot of scrolls and patterns decorating the walls and doors. Even Roman Collums were made very beautifully, they had very intricate designs and looked quite amazing. Roman Architecture in Rome was completely gorgeous because the Romans were so advanced in Architecture. The Roman Colosseum is a perfect example of how good Roman people were at building designs and adding lots of details.
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Making Art Better Than it Was

There are 4 different styles Romans did to trick peoples eyes.
1 - They would paint walls to look like they were made of marble.
2 - They would paint realistic looking scenes that looked like views through a window.
3 - They would make a picture less realistic but have delicate looking images.
4 - They; would also make a combination with the second and third styles.


The Romans had a lot of mosaics. Mosaics were were a type of roman art that basically looked like a whole bunch of tiles squished together to look like people, animals and designs. Lots of roman homes and places were filled with mosaics. Even on their walls and floors. Mosaics were a big part of roman art. Mosaic floors were made of thousands of small ceramic tiles that were different colors. Romans often made portraits of important people out of mosaics. Mosaic tiles were very often made of ceramic, stone, glass or other materials. If you were to look at some roman art, lots are were mosaics. Mosaics were a whole bunch of different colors and they looked very nice. They also had Mosaics of their pets too. In this one book, there is a sign of saying 'Beware of dog' with a mosaic of a dog. People today still even make mosaics, because they are fun and easy. Rich people had lots of art in their homes. external image PersRoma.jpg

Art is important:

Art was a very huge thing in Rome. Art was literally everywhere. Whether it was Mosaics, Statues, paintings and other types. Even their architecture was art because of the fascinating designs. Rome was probably one of the ancient societies that were really big on art and design. Rome stole all there art tectonics from all the places they invaded most of there tectonics are from the Greeks.