Cave Art

Cro-Magnon men had created cave paintings and had burial ceremonies. Cro-Magnons made the first art cave/rock paintings. Experts think paintings had to do with their religion meanings. Most of the paintings were hidden. Early people had had no language. They think that they can find hints in the art that they created and in their burial arts. Art of the Cro-Magnon was not made of charcoal but rather with mineral pigments such as iron oxide or black manganese. Cro-Magnon men created Jewellery, pottery they fired it to give it lustre, strength and durability. They created small statues carved out of ivory and bone. Cave paintings were either engraved into the wall or painted on. They used different colours like yellow, white, black, red and brown. They mostly used the colour black. They also put cave paintings everywhere. Like on the walls, roof and floor. Some cave paintings were hidden and only certain people were allowed to see them. The cave paintings were supposed to put magic on the animal they painted and help them hunt that animal. They drew stick people, animals and fine stencil art.


The Early people believed in their religion that there was life after death. When their bodies where buried they were covered in red dye, furs and jewellery and they were surrounded by weapons, animal bones and a circle of stones.” Hunting magic" was away of honouring the animals that the people hunted to ensure the success in the hunt. Their paintings were linked to their religion. They believed that everything alive had a spirit and believed that creating an animal in paint gave them a kind of magic power over the animal's spirit. Most Neolithic villages had chiefs that were priests as well as rulers. They handed certain religious duties for the people that lived in their village. There was prayer for things that people needed such as fertile soil, sunshine and water for crops. Also there was prayer to keep mice and insects away from crops. After a little while people created gods and goddesses too. The most important was the Earth Mother. Many of these people’s houses of Catal Huyuk contained shrines or antlers that stood on the statues of these goddesses.